Project Description

Thermopower A30 is a Non-Halogenated Flame Retardant based on Phosphorous. It is offered as a free-flowing powder which makes it very easy to handle, accurate to dose and safe to process, allowing high consistency in the quality of the final article.

Thermopower A30FRM is based on stabilized and encapsulated Thermopower A30 micro-pulverized powder in as an additive. It is easy to be homogeneously dispersed in the polymer compound.

Thermopower A-2Thermopower A30 is particularly suitable for Halogen Free Glass-fiber-reinforced and Unfilled PP, Polyester polyesters & Polyamides e.g. PBT, PBT/ABS, Nylon 6, Nylon 66

  • Appearance:  Snow White Fine Powder
  • Phosphorus (%) 28-30
  • Aluminum (%) 18-20
  • Thermopower A30 does not react with common processing additives like stabilizers, crosslinking agents, processing aids, pigments, etc.
  • For RoHS compliance (Halogen Free) and UL 94 – V0 & V2 classifications.
  • The compounding process is generally carried out in co-rotating twin-screw extruders by adding Thermopower A30 with Polymer Granules in the hopper with pre-mixing.
  • Processing temperature for Thermal Stability – 300o C Max
  • Preheating should be avoided as the Phosphorous is prone to reach fire upon the heat & Oxygen.
  • The additive level depends on nature of polymer, processing conditions, glass fiber content and the required flame retardants class.
  • For 25% glass-fiber-reinforced PBT, the recommended dosage is 20-22% by weight and for unfilled PBT – 23-25% by weight for UL 94 – VO flammability for PP V0 18-22 % loading is recommended.
  • Packaging – 15 / 20 kg Bags
  • Transportation: Not regulated
  • Storage and Handling: Stable in dry place at room temperature