The Company

ANAN DRUG & CHEM LTD.( referred to as ADCL hereinafter) was established In 1993. The organization spread upon 2.4 Acres of land is engaged in the manufacturing of 3 divisions: Pharmaceutical, Lube Additives, and Halogen-Free Flame Retardants.

The factory is equipped with all necessary modern machinery & equipment required to manufacture consistent quality as per the WHO GMP Guidelines for Pharmaceutical and industrial chemicals. Also, the Company has adequate measuring devices required for stringent quality control of the products at every stage. The organization has well trained and qualified staff to take care of its day to day functioning.

The management of the organization believes in overall & continual improvement, and as a result, all directors are trying their best to see that the level and standard of the Company reaches to the highest point. Today! The Company has multinational customers who are completely satisfied with the quality of the products and dealing with Anan Drug Chem Ltd. Some of the chemicals being manufactured by the organization are import substitutes. The Company also is developing its brand products as the Thermopower Groups for the Local and International Market.

Management Team

  • Mr. Vikram Kothari – Managing Director

  • Mr. Kunal Kothari – Managing Director